Cranial Harmonizer

The efficient 3d helmet for plagiocephaly and brachysephaly

Severe asymmetries may not only constitute an aesthetic impairment, but can also lead to disturbed growth of the visceral cranium.

If the diagnosis finds the deformity is due to positioning, helmet therapy promises completely natural success.

The Cranial Harmonizer® from Giglio Orthopédie SA results in symmetrical head and jaw growth in the first year of life.

Without pressure

No pain

No restriction of the baby’s urge to move

No lengthy adjustment or plaster casts

A result that lasts a lifetime is achieved within a few weeks or months


Gentle, balanced self-correction

Helmet therapy enables the baby’s head to grow into the ideal shape by itself. Progress can be measured accurately at any time using state-of-the-art technologies and highly precise procedures, giving parents rapid reassurance of the therapy’s success – a great feeling! Doctors and orthopaedic technicians work hand in hand during the therapy.

Results achieved with the cranial harmonizer

An early treatement (between the end of the fourth an beginning of the fifth month) enables significant changes. Age, gestation period and growth are the most important factors of success.

Many thanks to Cassie and her parents for the photographic documentation (resulat after 6 weeks)


Let yourself be convinced by happy parents

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